Our Team

Rohan Solomon

Rohan Solomon is the founder of the ‘Synergy’ brand and is excited to spread the joy of music to schools all over the country. He is a Global Chart Topping Musician, Singer/Songwriter, Producer, Audio Engineer, Teacher and Vocal Coach. He is most well known as the frontman and lead singer of Delhi based iconic alt rock band 'Cyanide'. He moved to New York City in 2015 and got in the music production game and has since worked with huge artists such as Toni Braxton, John Legend, Anderson Paak, Immortal Technique, Chloe Jane, NEEL, Sasha Prendes and Jeremiah Hosea. He recently had his song ‘We Demand Change’ submitted to the GRAMMY Ballots and has also worked on a GRAMMY WINNING song in New York in 2017.

Having moved back to India in 2019, Rohan has since then, released a trilogy in 2019 with his band 'By Chance' and in 2020 has released 3 singles, out of which his single "Victoria's Secret" was charting at No.2 on the World Indie Music Charts and Euro Indie Music Charts.

Rohan is now full time producing independent artists and label artists from his production studio in New Delhi called "Synergy Audio Productions" and he is also teaching students who have enrolled in his online school "Synergy Audio Institute".