about - synergy audio productions

Synergy Audio Production aims to be the premier Recording Destination in North India. It is the brainchild of Producer Rohan Solomon who brings his wealth of experience from Engine Room Audio New York & with training from multi grammy winning legendary audio engineer Michael Brauer in addition to his 2 decades of Experience as a Musician.

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our facilities

The Falcon Room

Our Flagship Control Room. We’ve gone all out with the most premium analogue gear available and decked it out with a full suite of PreAmps, EQ, Compressors and then some.

We’ve also equipped it with state of the art ATC SCM45s as well as a Full 7.1.4 Dolby Atmos Setup with Genelec 8040s.

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The Phoenix Room

Designed Primarly as a Production Suite, this room is also equipped with ATC & Genelecs in Stereo.

UA Apollo Interface with 8 Analog Channels and a core suite of Preamps, EQs & Compressors in addition to a plethora of plugins.

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Live Space

A Large space between Both the Control Rooms allowing mixing in either or both rooms simultaneously along with the Vocal Booth.

Full Band Recordings are possible with Isolated Vocals, Drums and Instruments as well.

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Vocal Booth

An Acoustically optimum space for recording those perfect vocals or cranked guitar amp tones

Full analog connectivity to both control rooms

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  • Pre Amp
  • Equaliser
  • Compressors


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Artist Facilities

Our Artists are treated to a comfortable Artist Space where they can relax in between takes and enjoy a nice cup of coffee and take in the serene calm of the view or indulge in a quick game of Fifa or NBA on the Playstation to get the blood pumping.

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